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Daily Car Rental Conditions

1. Daily rental period is 24 o'clock. Delivery delays up to 3 hours for every hour daily fee 1/3 is taken daily after 3 hours all of the fee.

2. Tenants with credit card payments, cash or Voucher.

3. in the event of any accident or damage in order to benefit from the insurance contract must fulfill the conditions.

a: the nearest authorities of the accident (within the city limits of traffic police, the local police station, the law as gendarmerie etc) as a technical detail the format of the event noting the accident report, fixing copy of driver's license, memorandum, alcohol report (T. C is not a citizen of the copy of passport, entry stamp found in the page) documents the landlord liable for submitted within 48 hours of the gene.

b: the tenant to the landlord with a doctor's Note If the news about the accident blocking State has to give is required. The official accident report, by any means whatever the tenant keeps it up will not interfere with the damaged vehicle. The timeliness of the request from the tenant the landlord at the rate of damage fault right, is always protected. Also from the car radio, spare wheel sets, such as portable bars and backup in case of theft of the damage to emerge that is out of insurance coverage for any damages that it is the responsibility of the tenant in Kabul.

c: Charterer from any damage not caused by their own defect and due to inability to benefit insurance in the case of compensation for damage and the vehicle cannot remain work compensation charged içinkiracıya have recourse to

d: the following notice periods required by law and when we believe insurance is invalid in cases where the tenant damages the entire Kabul accepted this super insurance even if you have taken WILL BE personally responsible. -If the Driver alcohol and drug effects, -Maximum speed limit has been exceeded, -For driving without a license, -100% is defective -Further information about papers is not an accident, -Accident, the driver is not registered to the rental agreement, -Despite the expiration of the Accident without specific written approval tool haven't delivered, -For rent additional contracts regarding the use of other matters specified in respect to the ride didn't work, e to provide the safety of the vehicle except: the tenant looking indoor and locked in vehicle park. In the case of theft of the vehicle to the nearest police station or gendarmerie immediately tenants Union, referring to vehicle theft detection report.


1: theft insurance (TP) Theft insurance (TP) in the case of vehicle theft in the fulfillment of conditions additional contract, the vehicle is found within 30 days of that date, is found in 30 days 30-day rental fee as compensation for the loss of business-is obliged to pay.

2:unlimited km


 1: Super insurance (SCDW)


 3: baby seat, navigation

 4: HGS

 5: Mini Damage

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